DIAG64 Cart fixed

Date: 2001-11-05 02:37:33

Hi All,

I've rebuilt the 64 Diagnostics cartridge into a donor SuperGames cartridges
over the weekend. The reason for this was to add a high-ROM and have it boot
in ultimax mode, jump to low-ROM, then with a poke to the control latch (on
the SuperGames cart) swap to the EXROM config. I also added some diagnostic
LEDs, RED=power, YELLOW=RESET_released, GREEN=ROML_access. The purpose of
the LEDs is to help explain why the cart may not start (eg CPU/PLA or RESET
problem). It's not fool proof though, but it helped me diagnose about 30% of
my dud machines as being memory failures, and one as a PLA failure.

Question: I was going to add the cart and binary images to webpage (so other
can access to this valuable tool), but I am not sure about copyright issues.
If it was genuine CBM software, then I wouldn't be too worried, but is
HESWARE still about? (I think that's who made the original cartridge).

- Nick

PS: Still interested if anyone has the schematic for the hardness.
PSS: the manual's price was way over the top... unless of course it contains
the harness wiring diagram


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