RE: What model C= machine is this?

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-11-04 20:15:39

Well, for the time being, I'm calling it a CBM 500/700.  Early literature
from Europe says that those were the top names for the CBM-II low profile
machines before they settled on CBM 610/620.  Since the serial number is
low, that will do for now.  I have put together a page for it at:

It has a bunch of links to photos for all the mysteries I described.  The
binaries for the ROMs are also there, for anyone interested.

Since the previous and original owner got the machine without an original
box at a C= fire sale, and he swears the sticker has always been torn, I'm
afraid speculation is what I will have to live with.  Of course, I don't
like ambiguity, especially with regard to my Commodore computers. :) He said
that he believed it was called a CBM 500, which is all I have to go on...

- Bo

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> > Hallo Bo,
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> > > The back plate is plainly from a CBM P500 (joystick ports
> > > knocked out, but unpopulated).
> > > The ROM chips (EPROMs with stickers, of course) read "CBM 700 Kernal",
> > > etc...
> >
> > What about a P500 case with a 700 motherboard? I have no idea
> if that would
> > fit at all but would explain the contradictions.
> Another possibility is a reworked P500.  None have been reported to have
> been sold, but this may be a prototype.
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