Formatting routines

From: Baltissen, R (Ruud) (
Date: 2001-10-31 14:56:27

Hallo allemaal,

When formatting a floppy using the New command, the routine at $EE0D. At
$EE3D  it calls $C8C6. So far no problem.

;**  Format disk		[C8C6]

FormatFloppy	LDA	#$4C		; JMP-command
			LDA	#<(E_FAC7)
			STA	A_0601
			LDA	#>(E_FAC7)
			STA	A_0602	; JMP $FAC7 in $600 to $602

			LDA	#$03
			JSR	P_D6D3	; set track and sector number
			LDA	DRVNMB	; drive number
			ORA	#$E0		; command code for
			STA	JOBSZP+3	; transmit

			BMI	B_C8E0	; wait until formatting done

			CMP	#$02
			BCC	B_C8EF	; smaller than two, then ok

			LDA	#$03
			LDX	#$00
			JMP	PrepErrMsg	; 21, 'read error'


$C8C6 places the command "JMP $FAC7" at address $0600, sets the track and
sectornumber, fills JOBSZP+3 and then starts waiting until bit 7 of this
variable is reset.
It's logical to assume that the IRQ routine does reset this bit somewhere.
The original IRQ routine calls $F2B0. At $F2E9 it checks $0020. I don't know
where this variable is intialised. Following both possibilities $F2F9 or
$F99C I have no idea where the JMP instruction at $0600 is executed.
As you see JOBSZP+x ($00+x) is filled with a code. Where is this code
examined and acted upon?

Why do I need this info? Replacing the FD by a harddisk means some routines
won't work at all, especially the formatting routine. It seems logical that
this routine can be found at $FAC7 but how can I be very sure? And other
codes are used as well and I haven't found the corresponding routines yet :(

Any help is welcome. Thanks.
   / __|__
  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
  \ \__|_\


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