Re: Cassette port connectors and cases

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-10-29 11:35:47

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, MagerValp wrote:

> NW> Actually I checked the right-side port on the 8296, I don't have
> NW> an 8032-SK. On normal machines the cassette port on the back side
> NW> should be easily accessible even by a DB25 connector housing, but
> NW> I don't think this works with the SK style left or right port.

I'll write the PET version so that it supports both devices #1 and #2.
In that way, you can always use the port on the back, which is #1 or #2,
depending on how the main board is installed in the case.

> I just tried with two generic DB25 connectors and it didn't fit in
> either of my 8032-SK's ports -- about a mm or two too wide. Both of
> these have locking screws. The SX-64's keyboard connector is a DB25
> with no screws and it fits without problems.

Well, I was going to install the cassette port connector so that its
narrow part (excluding the base part that has holes for mounting screws)
is entirely outside the DB9-DB25 adapter case.  If the mounting screw
holes of the DB25 end of the DB9-DB25 adapter case make the whole
combination too wide, they can be sawed off, and the package can be
secured with some glue if needed.


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