Re: problem with C64IDE :( (2)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-10-19 10:36:11

Hallo Nick,

> Is it possible the problem is electrical not software? What I'm meaning to
> say is that the HDD tries to output data or something, resulting in a bus
> contention with the key-scan routine?

That's what I thought as well in the beginning. But once the problem is
there, disconnecting the HD does not help.
But what really intrigues me is why the cursor starts flashing like hell
once you press a key. The appearance of the cursor is a IRQ-controlled
SW-matter. As the software resides in ROM, messing it up is impossible.
Could the timer be messed up in the mean time? If so, why does this only
show when pressing a key?

The code shows I finished my "CIA-monitor". But I didn't get any wiser of
it. The only difference between the CIA's before and after the run is the
values of the timer of the first CIA but thta is normal AFAIK.
Has anyone an idea what value I should check particularry regarding that
funny flashing?

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