problem with C64IDE :(

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-10-18 23:24:43

Hallo allemaal,

I run into a weird problems. It all has to do with my C64IDE project. After 
I told the IDE harddisk to start or stop its motor, most of the time my 
keyboard does not respond in the way I'm used. I see a normal flashing 
cursor but the moment I press a key, it starts to flash with an enormous 
speed but doesn't move and the typed char does not appear on the 

For those who don't know: I use the keyboard lines as datalines for the 
harddisk. This means that during a data transfer both port have to be 
programmed as either output or input. Before a transfer I save the values 
of the data- and data-direction-registers of both ports. After the transfer 
these values are restored.
Not being sure if I had a bug in the part that restores the registers 
concerning the keyboard, I hardcoded the restore. But no result. FYI, I 
even removed the HD from the keyboard in case it was the troubleshooter 
but no success.

What I'm going to do now anyway is to add a routine that displays the 
contents of the CIA's before and after the action. Why didn't I do that 
before writing this email? I did but I run even in more troubles. And I just 
found out that my assembler accepts this command: STX $0400,Y. This 
command is invalid but unknown to me it was translated to STX $00,Y. 
Maybe you can guess what freaky problems I run into the last two hours 

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 / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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