Re: CBM 720 questions

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-10-17 17:56:18

This one bounced from the list due to unregistered address.  Andre, if you
prefer to use that address, ask MagerValp to add an exception for you.
(I stripped the ad and reformatted the text to less than 80 columns.)

Thanks for the reply! One further question: what video chip does the 6x0
have?  A 6845 CRTC or something with colors?

From: "Andre Fachat" <>
Subject: Re: CBM 720 questions

One main difference is the video output. The 6x0 have a "standard" 8x8
pixel matrix for one character as most other (and esp. all older) CBMs.
The 7x0 have a 14x8 pixel matrix for one character.  I don't know about
the ROMs anymore (to long ago I'm afraid) but you can see which ROMs are
different when you look into the VICE emulator that emulates 6x0 as well
as 7x0. IIRC the kernel is the same, but the charrom is different of
course. A hardware switch is used to setup the kernel into different video

I assume there are differences in keyboard layout.

Andre schrieb am 16.10.01:
> One thing is unclear to me: What are the main differences between the 600
> and the 700 series?  I guess that the main difference between x10 and x20,
> x=6 or 7, is the amount of memory: 128 or 256 kilobytes.  My 720 does not

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