Re: U0>M1 on the 1571

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2001-10-17 03:59:24

>Hi All,
>Does anyone know what the 1571 drive does "electrically" when this command
>is issued?
>>From what I can tell (without wiring up a Oscilliscope - which I don't have)
>it seems to hold all lines (ATN, CLK and DATA) low whilst it does some sort
>of reset of the chips etc (goes to 2MHz etc)... Is this so? and is it the
>same regardless of whether the is a disk, no disk, single or double sided

This puts the 1571 in 1571 (double sided) mode so one can format a 
disk as double sided or read one already so formatted -    no check 
is made to see if a disk is inserted.

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