Porting prlink

From: Marko Mäkelä (msmakela_at_cc.hut.fi)
Date: 2001-10-15 08:04:53

I'm restructuring the source code of prlink to improve the portability of
the code.  I made simple tests with RS-232 and the C2N232 device, and I
was able to read and write VIC-20 memory with the tool.  I was a little
surprised how easy it was to get the VIC-20 support going, since the
cassette write line (which my protocol uses) is connected to one of the
keyboard matrix lines.  However, everything worked fine, as I didn't touch
the VIC-20 keyboard during the transfers.

Yesterday I acquired a Commodore 720 a.k.a. B256, I guess, together with a
4022 printer and a 8250 dual disk drive unit.  The 720 has a built-in
RS-232 port.  But I think I'll use the cassette port also on this
computer, so that the same device can be used.  In the batch, there were
also two Intergraph 2000 Unix boxes.  Maybe some day, prlink will work on

I'd appreciate some help from users of other systems than Linux.  I'm
going to rewrite the PC-style parallel port routines of prlink to use the
parallel port device driver instead of direct I/O port access.  I don't
know how the things work in BSD systems.  Also, more importantly, I would
appreciate help in porting the RS-232 routines to non-Unix systems
(AmigaDOS, Mac OS, MS Windows, maybe MS-DOS).  As a starting point, the
c2n utility (which just emulates standard cassette speeds) could be ported
to systems that do not use <termios.h>.  The source code is available on


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