Re: Brooken 2031

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-10-04 22:05:10

Hallo William,

> where the chips do not seat in the socket

As I took the ROMs out of the socket so I could read 
them out, it was the first thing I thought of. Being 
very sure I put them in right and having done the 
tests with the 1541, I'm convinced the ROM is to 

> 1541 ROM's will not work in a 2031.  They will not even complete the self
> test.

I completely disagree. Except the way the outputs of one 6522 are used, 
IEEE instead of IEC, there is no difference in the hardware.
The initialisation of the hardware is AFTER the selftest so even if that 
could go wrong, the selftest itself goes right.
OK, except that the drive stops turning and no flashes appear, I have no 
other proof but IMHO that is already proof enough for me
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 / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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