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could you please change your subscription address to the one you are
posting from, or vice versa?

When it comes to your question, the VIC-1001 and the VIC-20 use the same
BASIC interpreter.  Also the KERNAL error messages are in English.  But
what is interesting is that the serial timing is a bit different, as
William pointed out earlier.  Hmm, the guy who dumped the ROMs didn't say
that he had any problems with disk drive access.  I wonder what drive he
was using.


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--- William Levak <> wrote:
> Comparison between US character ROM and Japanese:
>    The British pound symbol is replaced by the Yen symbol.
>    The rest of the graphic character set is the same.
>    The business character set has upper case letters in place of the lower
>    case letters.  There are Japanese characters in place of the upper case
>    letters and most of the graphic characters 92-127.

I wonder how that affects the BASIC and Kernal ROMs.  Unless the new messages
and errors were exactly the same length in Kana as they are in English, I
would think that other things might end up moved around a few bytes here and


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