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Date: 2001-09-27 10:03:05

On Thursday 27 September 2001 09:45, wrote:
> Does anyone know which C64 emulators allow "attaching" of a modem to test
> telecommunication software? (if any??)

I think that Vice is able to do this, by selecting that a serial device 
should be used for the RS232 emulation. It should then be possible to attach 
a modem to the serial port and use it from within Vice.

The following is snatched from the Vice documentation:

"6.9.3 RS232 usage example

 Here we give you a simple example how to set up an emulated C64 using the 
modem connected to your PC. The following list shows each step. 

* Attach your modem to your PC at a serial port. 
Normally you should set it up to use the modem as "/dev/modem". 

* start VICE 

* Setup VICE to use your modem as "serial device 1" 
Go to the RS232 settings menu and change "Serial 1 device" to "/dev/modem" 
(or the device where you attached your modem to) Then go to the RS232 
settings menu and change "Serial 1 baudrate" to the baudrate your modem 
should run at. Watch out, e.g. on Linux there is an additional multiplier to 
multiply with the baudrate (so e.g. 19200 gives 115200 or so baud) See the 
"setserial" manpage on Linux for example. However, most modems should be able 
to autodetect the speed to the computer as well. 

* Select the RS232 emulation your programs use 
If you want to use the Userport emulation, go to the RS232 settings and 
change "Userport RS232 Device" to "Serial 1". If you want ACIA emulation 
(swiftlink or what's it called?) then change "ACIA $DE** device" to "Serial 

* Enable the emulation 
Go to the RS232 settings and select either "ACIA $DE** emulation" or Userport 
300/1200 baud or CIA 9600 baud emulation. 

* Load your program and start it. 
If it is able to detect an RS232 cartridge like swiftlink or so, try to 
detect the ACIA emulation if enabled. Otherwise just set the baudrate to 
either 300, 1200 or 9600 according to what you enabled in the VICE menu for 
the userport."

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