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Date: 2001-09-21 05:43:49

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Subject: CPU Speed Benchmarking

| Hi All,
| I have the need to benchmark how fast code is running on a CPU emulation.
| The problem of course I have is the apparant "speed" of an asynchronous
| emulator is dependent upon how the instructions are synthesised.
| A JMP can be very quickly calculated as it doesn't affect too many other
| variables (just the PC). An arithmetic calc can be *long* because flags
| have to be checked /changed.
| Some questions:
| 1) does anybody know of a good 6502 benchmarking program that has a good
| of operations.... source code appreciated.
| 2) which part of the C64 kernal is executed in a endless loop if no
| interrupt source is active when the machine is booted. I assume the kernal
| does the normal set-ups, then sits somewhere to wait... if no IRQ, then no
| cursor flash, but which routine is it in?
It jumps to the BASIC interpreter. I guess that doesn't help though :) Maybe
just get VICE or something and keep freezing it and will will find which
areas are common in the $a000-$bfff in the PC and just follow them.
| Thanks,
| Nick
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