Re: vic20 video problem

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2001-09-20 10:18:00


> > It looks like one of the data lines from the vic to the color ram is
> > stuck to 0.
> > Actually, from time to time the characters start flickering and it is
> > possible to see dots or lines in the correct color.
> > I have also seen that reading back the value in the color ram gives the
> > correct value.
> > This seems to exclude a problem in the ram itself.
> > To me it looks like a bad connection between the VIC and the RAM.
> > Do you think that the 4066 can be the reason ?

All VIC-20s I've seen had very bad IC sockets. They've cheated me
several times. So shouldn't it be a simple bad contact? I guess it's
worth a try -- simply measure resistance between the VIC chip's pins and
the socket pins (maybe enough to check the single databus pin you


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