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From: Don Judy (
Date: 2001-09-18 23:11:14

Steve Judd wrote:
> Hola,
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> > > Petition for a Thoughtful U.S. Response.
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> Setting aside the misguided naivete/idealism (and rather arrogant
> implications about US "thoughtfulness"), it is highly unlikely that any
> government, anywhere, would take such a thing seriously.
> It has been said that "America can choke on a gnat, but swallow tigers
> whole."  The entire country is preparing for war; perhaps people elsewhere
> should too.

Regarding preparing for war: If you watch tv, watch the news, you might 
think this is some universal American phenomenon. If you look in the 
streets, the stores, where no one has money invested in news departements
that lose money when there's no war, no sensational story with amazing
video, you see none of this. And yet if it is indeed your
way you may well have it, just like Bush has his stolen election.
Regarding naivete, we have responded to terrorism before by bombing and
killing innocent people. We have also bombed non-military targets like
Dresden and Nagasaki to reduce the populace's desire to support enemy 
governments we were at war with, or perhaps to induce the governments to
cease fire in order to stop our killing of innocents. Technique sound
familiar, similar to what someone evil's rationale of these recent events 
would be?
Innocent people, babies, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, sons, all ages,
all persuasions, all religions. Children who walked to school, colored 
pictures for their dead families. It's the same everywhere, on every side of 
every war. Dead because of geography. Because some think violence a solution.
Dead because of a notion. Violence is a virus, and the infected insist on 
infecting everyone else and reject any suggestion to the effect their attitude 
is invalid. The apparatus of rejection? Violence. The trump of all trumps.
If someone supports a war, the ugliest side of humanity that ever existed looks 
back at that person in the mirror, just as it looks at the perpetrators and 
supporters of those awful acts of the previous week. One can only hope you
expressed your final sentence as a message of practicality rather than 

dj -- War is a dead end. We can only hope together or separately it isn't ours.

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