Re: Reading 1581 disks on Linux (again)

From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2001-09-17 21:08:40

On Monday 17 September 2001 17:12, MagerValp wrote:
> >>>>> "SJ" == Steve Judd <> writes:
> SJ> Hola,
> SJ> I'm trying to read a 1581 disk under linux.  I've got the appropriate
> SJ> entry in /etc/fdprm and have run setfdprm /dev/fd0 cbm1581, but no go
> -- SJ> mount /dev/fd0 says I need to specify the filesystem type, and any
> systems SJ> I try (msdos, vfat, etc.) fail.
> SJ> So........ how can I read a 1581 disk under Linux? :)
> You can't mount it, you can only dd if=/dev/fd0 of=testdisk.d81.
> Unless someone has written a 1581 filesystem driver -- there's a 1541
> filesystem driver out there, maybe it can handle 1581 as well.

Dan Fandrich has written a cbmfs implementation for Linux that does 1581. 
David Weinehall has updated it so that it works with news Linuxes. It can be 
found at 

I haven't tested it, however.

Adam Dunkels <>

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