Re: Hardware failure at

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-09-17 09:53:10

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, ken ross wrote:

> >There is a severe hardware failure at, probably something in
> >the disk system.  I hope that /pub/cbm is not affected, and even if it is,
> >they do make backups.  I'll write an announcement when the problem has
> >been fixed.

There are some problems with the RAID system that have not been solved
yet.  The system is restarting at unpredictable intervals.

I still can't put my C2N232 stuff online, since the FTP file system is
currently full.  But I have a progress report from yesterday: I
successfully converted a VIC-20 program to tape format using a development
version of cbmconvert, and loaded it to the VIC-20 using my tape pulse
encoder program and the firmware in the C2N232 device.  The next steps
will be to implement XON/XOFF handshake (as some systems don't have
RTS/CTS), and to implement a faster transfer protocol (60 bytes per second
is not particularly fast).

> due to software ( & budget ) limitations i'm restricted to what sort of
> CD's i can create  , but i've discovered that i can create CD extra cd's ,
> that is with a music track first then data in iso/mac format after it , so
> i can post the archive stuff i've created to  .

What stuff are you referring to?  The PET software?

I'm making a backup copy of /pub/cbm right now.  According to the transfer
log, quite a few files have time stamps in the future (2038-01-19
05:14:07).  I'll compare the copy to the copy I made last April, so that I
know whether the file contents have changed.


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