RE: CP/M - images
Date: 2001-09-17 04:15:56

Normal CPM disks are MFM encoded and thus can be read on a PC disk system.
There are utilities for reading them on a PC, even early versions of DR-DOS
was capable of reading both CPM and PC format. I think Teledisk is another
utility which can archive the disks, it is also useful for archiving FD2000

The C64 CPM was GCR, with the C128 CPM disks which were truely MFM were
readible with a 1571.

- Nick

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Hallo allemaal,

AFAIK we are only able to make images of Commodore formats. Why isn't this
possible with CP/M-floppies?
I know that the number of bytes/sector can vary and that a disk can be
single or double sided. Is there other info I need to know?
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