Commodore LCD prototype found!

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-09-13 22:09:37

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<TomcatGRM> hello hello
<TomcatGRM> long time not being here
<TomcatGRM> i can gladly report that this time i actually found one of the commodore lcds
<MagerValp> you what?
<Twoflower> Commodore LCD's -> found.
<MagerValp> the prototype machine?
<TomcatGRM> you know... that rarity. the commodore laptop.
<NinjaDRM> tomcat: where?
<MagerValp> fuckin a
<Jope> 2f you know someone who ha sone
<MagerValp> details
<MagerValp> now
<MagerValp> please
<TomcatGRM> in america. the original designer, bil herd has a piece.
<Jope> pictures
<Jope> good pictures
<TomcatGRM> i asked for pictures for my book.
<TomcatGRM> he said he will take some.
<TomcatGRM> but he is currently moving, so it'll take a while.
<MagerValp> !!!
<MagerValp> we need pics, rom dumps, pcb scans, everything :)
<MagerValp> do you know if it works?
<Jope> yeah
<Jope> we need an emulator!
<NinjaDRM> uhoh, things usually get lost while moving :/
<TomcatGRM> MagerValp: he says it's packed away in the basement. no info if it's working.

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