Re: clarification : USA / 4032 tapes

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-09-11 07:54:23

On Sun, 9 Sep 2001, ken ross wrote:

> oops! - i really should've said that he's after getting stuff from internet
> and onto tape -
> at presemt i'm still waiting to hear back from him as to what equipment he
> has to hand that might make things easier ...

If he has a PC or an Amiga, he could use prlink for the task.  I copied
the PET version of prlink to the tape with a Commodore 128D and attached
the same datassette to my 8032-SK to load the program.  In that way, I
didn't have to type in the loader program written in BASIC.

If he can wait some weeks, he could use the datassette emulator I'm
working on.  Last night I learned that Linux has more common with the 6502
than I thought: its serial routines ignore the XON/XOFF or CTS/RTS
handshake signals during writes, just like the 6502 ignores the RDY signal
during writes.  In order to avoid buffer overflows, I have to make
write(2) system calls to the serial line in chunks less than half of the
receiver buffer capacity.  In that way, the handshake signal works

Tonight I'm going to measure the pulses generated by the tape emulator
with an oscilloscope.  The VIC-20 didn't recognize them yesterday.  It
probably is just a programming error.

The guy could perhaps use the tape emulator already in this early stage.
The main function of this device will be to offer prlink-like
functionality for RS-232 based systems.

Ah, there's also a software-only solution if the guy has a sound card in
the device he is using to access the Internet.  In
there is e.g. a utility called WAV-PRG.  It could be used to record
Commodore programs to tape.


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