Re: [CommodoreOne] Help needed

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-09-04 14:25:24

Goodmorning Steve,

Hope you slept well.

> What if not all the processor lines are connected, so you can only process
> one bit at a time?  The algorithms people are suggesting won't necessarily
> work in this case.

Did I miss something? What have processor lines to do with these algorithms?

> And if we decide to remove the ROM from this drive, will programs still be
> able to access it?

I don't know what you mean with "remove the ROM". I intend to keep the
original ROM as original as possible. It will only be expanded from the
original 16 KB to 32 KB. The extra 16 KB will contain all HD related stuff.

> Is there way to assemble code directly to the drive?

What do you mean with this?
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