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From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2001-09-04 04:15:45

>Hallo Martijn,
>>  (In that case, you may want to use LBA adressing
>>  instead - most disks > 500MB probably support that. No conversion
>>  required).
>I first have to find out what LBA exactly is. If LBA deals with 256 sectors
>and 256 heads, then LBA is equivalent to lineair coding which simplifies
>things a lot.
>Unfortunately most disks I have laying around are < 500 MB :( So I cannot
>use LBA anyway (for the moment).

all the IDE drives I have seen: has it's own "geometry" t,h,s. there 
is no uniform standard.

>  > block(t,h,s)= (t * HDHEADS + h ) * HDSECT + s
>That is correct. But now I need someone willing to translate this equation
>in ML. The only way _I_ know how to do multiplications is by doing a loop of
>addititions. And I know that this certainly not the fastest way. So therefor
>my plea for help.
>Same for the division-stuff.

what about divide shift right (one bit right is divide by 2) multiply 
- shift left. ie 1010 (Dec ten) shift right 1 - 0101 (dec 5) and vice 
versa to the left. the old butterfield trick.

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