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From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2001-08-31 16:24:12

> The 1541-II cannot be modified in this way, since the required signals
> cannot be accessed in the VLSI chip.  The Oceanic OC-118N is much nicer in
> this aspect: all chips are standard 74xx ones, and still the circuit
> boards are smaller than that of the short-board 1541 (which already has
> one custom chip).

I haven't checked the schematics section right now, do we have the OC-118
schematics on funet?

In that case it might be worth a shot using the OC-118 electronics with
MFM hack (switchable back to GCR of course) and maybe some clever
interface circuitry to allow the connection of standard PC drives instead
of the original drive and finally having "the" drive for both, 1541
compatibility and PC disk access.

Question to Nicolas: Do you think it's possible to built such a
"translation device" to keep a 100% compatibility to the original 1541



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