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From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-08-30 14:27:45

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> One of the most interesting programs is 71reads41back by Jochen Adler.
> It didn't work reliably on my C128D, and the documentation says that it
> can't read tracks 1 to 5.  But anyway, this is very interesting: it is
> possible to read the rear side of a single-sided disk without turning the
> disk.  I wonder when this will be the standard technique in two-sided
> demos. :-)

I tested this program for Jochen a while ago, and it worked well on my 1571.
The reason why some tracks can't be read is that the head on the second side
is set off by a few tracks against the head on the first side, and the
mechanical stop prevents the head to go to these tracks. Anyway, it's a nice
technique to read the directory on the second side without flipping over the
disk :-)

> There were also some interesting data transfer programs: cbm4linux (a Star
> Commander like program with a kernel device driver) and Over5 (RS-232

cbm4linux is a classic already, and due to it's demand for an IRQ from a
special line on the transfer cable it helped creating the new XM1541 and
XA1541 variants quite some time ago. While the XM1541 is just a rewired
XE1541, the XA1541 was already based on the new wiring. Really good that
cbm4linux came just along while I was working on the XA1541 specification, or
we would have yet another transfer cable :-/


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