Re: C64 Diagnostic Cartridge

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2001-08-29 07:00:22

>Hi All,
>Does anyone have information about these types of cartridges?
>I have heard of some which have an "octopus" cable which plug into the ports
>and test their functionality. Others I believe are just a cartridge.
>I can see how a cart might detect which RAM chip is blown or whether a CIA
>of VIC has a problem, but if the PLA is blown will it detect anything? A
>cart failing to boot could be lots of other things too....
>Are these things worth the money?
>- Nick

I have one of these harnesses with the boot cart for both C64 & C128. 
In most cases these do help to find the problems - as you say when 
the PLA is toast the
software cart is not much help - but that does point to PLA trouble.

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