From: Andre Kaesmacher (andre_at_kaesmacher.de)
Date: 2001-08-28 20:14:16

Hi cbm-hackers!

i overcome my lazyness and implemented some of the CPU-Temperature
Stuff, which was discussed here ca. 1 Year ago.

It can be found at:
(No HTML yet, sorry)

BUT there has to be done some finetuning.
The current Table (temptab) is only valid for a C64C with a 8500.
Another Value which could be fiddled with is hmosval.
The current Value (7500) seems to be a good Compromise between
Speed and Resolution.

There are 2 Versions.
digitherm just displays the Temperature as a Big Number.
thermoa3.obj ($C000) displays the Temperature and the Realtime-Clock of

I would like to get some feedback, if the Values are true for other

I am also keen on integrating other C64-compatible Machines into the
I will work with other Machines on this Program, but first I would like
to test the current Version.

Have Fun,
Andre Kaesmacher
eMail:  andre_at_kaesmacher.de

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