Re: VIC overheating bug (again)?

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2001-08-27 13:29:24

Christer Palm wrote:
> Ha ha ha, congratulations to a very well-designed hoax.

> It certainly had the intended effect! I just imagine to myself all the
> lamers immediately throwing the power-off switch, and the techies
> attaching thermometers to their VIC chips!

Well, it all sounded so plausible to me ;) Some of you might remember
the 'Magic Colour Chars' program once released by the 64er. It featured
a basic-extension, which allowed stupid users like me to use more colours
(Using interlaced colours) and rainbow-characters. Nothing really fancy,
but it looked kinda cute, at the expense of a *lot* of CPU power. My
C64 always smelled a bit when I used it - or at least I thought it smelled,
just like the badly designed 'tech-tech' effect I once did, (ab)using
the D016.

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