Re: VIC overheating bug (again)?

From: ninja (
Date: 2001-08-26 17:42:27

> So the demo will appear to "crash" some time after the "bug description"
> scrolltext comes around for the second time. Unless you pressed spacebar
> to view the bug description, the "crash" will never occur!
Very detailed. The only thing not mentioned is, that the hoax will be
revealed after the "VIC too hot" messages beeps xx-times (Forgot the
value, but it was way too large :)).

> Furthermore, the actual 26-line (which is rather 25 1/2 line) effect is
> done through a "simple" $D011 YSCROLL/RSEL trick as someone already
To be very precise, it is a 25 7/8 line, but it can be done as a full 26th
line. This trick is pretty straightforward, start displaying a pic at
rasterline $30 and you will be able to do a badline on the very last line
of the pic, which gives you some additional lines. Of course, the badline
must restart the internal VIC-counters, so it has to be a few cycles
before you'd change $d011 for displaying FLI.

I developed the idea while doing the 64Hz-IFLI-viewer for the C128, cause
I had some GFX-garbage in the lower border. As I hadn't seen such a part
till then, but just a 26th line alone may be boring, I added the weirdest
text my mind could come up with. Well, it may also have been a late
revenge for all these people who fooled me with such texts ;) I never
realized some people would actually open their commies and try! I feel
kind of sorry for them, I hope you don't mind.
Of course, I was not the first to do that, I was at least 12 years too
late, but hey, I found it all on my own. And this kind of coding makes the
C64 RULE! :)))

           Ninja/The Dreams

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