Re: VIC overheating bug (again)?

From: Nathan Smith (
Date: 2001-08-25 02:04:20

| >
| > Recently there was a thread about certain programming loops causing the
| > to overheat.  I think everyone concluded that it wasn't true, but just
| > night I was looking at the "Anime-tion" demo and the author described
the VIC
| > bug in detail.
| Uh-huh. I know that thing. Exactly the demo I was referring to.
| > Is this the same bug we were discussing before, and is it real?
The VIC temperature is a joke but 207 lines of gfx without the need for
sprites is real. Wolfram Sang (Ninja/The Dreams) wrote the thing. is the website. Crossbow/Crest used it in the fist
vertical rasters uses the effect to 208 lines I think. I am guessing pure
$d011 trick.

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