Re: 8032-SK/3016

From: Adrian Vickers (
Date: 2001-08-23 23:28:55

At 12:58 pm 22/08/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>Hallo Adrian,
>> Thanks, I'll have a poke around under them this evening, as soon as I've
>> figured how to get power to the board whilst being able to access its
>> underside...
>To save you some puzlling:
>- turn the monitor counter clockwise until you can lift it
>- disconnect it from the mainbody
>- renove the screws that disable you to open the mainbody
>- remove the two screws that keep the power-inlet and fuse on its place
>- open the body
>- remove the powersuplly connector
>- remove the keyboard connector
>- remove the screws that hold the mainboard on its place
>- remove the IEEE- and Userport-connector

Thanks for that, came in very handy! I now know that the 5v and 12v lines
are both fine & stable.

Incidentally, doing a multimeter check on the sync pin of the 6502 reads
only 0.11v, which strikes me as being a bit low; especially compared to the
working machine's 1.13v...

B-Racing: B where it's at :-)

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