Re: 16 MB REU clone

From: Christer Palm (
Date: 2001-08-22 17:11:51

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Does anyone (Rainer?) have experience in designs like this?  If the total
> cost of parts is less than $20 or $30, I think that it would be feasible
> to build a 16 MB REU clone (possibly including some Flash ROM, such as the
> Am29LV640 that provides 8 megabytes).

Isn't the Spartan a little overkill for this kind of application?
Although the low-end chips in this family are about $10 in single
quantities + $3 - $5 for the config EEPROM.

The Xilinx XC9500 CPLD series might be a better choice. It's available
in smaller configurations, it can handle 3.3 and 5V I/O, it's flash
based so you don't need the external EEPROM, but it's still in-circuit

Christer Palm

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