Re: Video Streams for 8-bit Commodores

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Date: 2001-08-22 02:23:52

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> >However, there's no sound in the animation playback. Secondly, Silicon
> >Dream's requirements are steep, indeed, requiring a SuperCPU unit with at
> >least 1Mb of SuperRAM.
> Sounds very impressive. Though I don't have a SuperCPU to view this
> Dreams demo at the moment, I wouldn't mind a download. Is there somewhere
> the net it can be seen/had.
Hello, Nick-

I could give you the dancing baby animation. I will supply you the source
code for Silicon Dreams so that you can analyze the playback code and adapt
it for the Windows or MSDOS platform to play back these animations on more
modern platforms. Basically, a player for the MSDOS or Windows or Linux
platform would have to 'simulate' a multicolor FLI screen in addition to the
decompression routines and frame extraction routines, which need to be done
on the fly during the animation.

If a SuperCPU can do it, I'm sure more modern platforms can, too...

Let me know what you think of this idea.

-Todd Elliott

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