Re: Video Streams for 8-bit Commodores

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Date: 2001-08-21 05:30:11

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From: "Marko Mäkelä" <>
> The idea is to have something similar to the VIC-20 32kB+2MB RAM+ROM
> cartridge I'm working on.  It would integrate a ROM-based menu of
> pucrunched programs (probably including a utility similar to the Action
> Replay) and a 16-megabyte REU.  I've verified that there exist 8 bits wide
> 16-megabyte SDRAM chips.  16 megabytes is a good amount, since the REU
> bank register ($df06) could be made 8 bits wide, and 2^8*64k is 16
> megabytes.
Hello, Marko Makela-

Sounds very good. I do ask for one thing, if it's not too much trouble;
Create a dipswitch arrangement where the user can select from 1, 2, 4, 8 or
16Mb out of the 16Mb cartridge 'REU'. The reason is that some people, like
yours truly, would put such a REU into a RAMLink. If a 16Mb REU were put
into the RAMLink on the RAM port, the RAMLink's onboard expansion ram would
be pushed out in favor of the RAM on the REU. So, a user could manually
configure this REU to be lower, say, at 4Mb or 8Mb and still be able to plug
it into the RAMLink and still have access to the RAMLink's onboard expansion

-Todd Elliott

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