Re: More printer control codes

From: Christer Palm (
Date: 2001-08-15 23:22:46

Thanks for sharing this William!

I've followed this discussion with great interest since I'm working on a
CBM printer emulator. Unfortunately I don't have access to any CBM
printers nowadays, and today it is surprisingly hard to find accurate
technical information on almost any of those.

Obviously, I'm mostly interested in specifics in the set of control
codes and how they work, character sets and other crucial details like
horizontal/vertical resolution. I'm interested in information on the
full range of CBM printers - both the CBM serial and IEEE variants.

So if anyone has additional information like this to share - please do!
I will compile a document with the all the information and make it
publicly available once/if I manage to get enough information to make it

William Levak wrote:
> I have been experimenting with my 8023P printer and revised the list of
> printer control codes to reflect the results.

Christer Palm

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