RE: C128D to SVGA
Date: 2001-08-14 04:18:31

One of the pins in the 9pin connector is a composite signal (Pin 7 ???). By
connecting this pin and ground to an RCA plug you should have something that
suits your "scan convertor", but picture will only be in B&W.

- Nick

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I am cross-posting the following request for information to this list 
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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 16:22:13 EDT
Subject: [Homestead] Connecting a 128D to a SVGA monitor.

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      Load Star suggested I contact you regarding a Commodore 128D connected
to a SVGA monitor.

      I purchased a "scan converted" and I have the 128D connected to it
the composite signal but it only works in 40 colunm mode.   Unfortunately,
this scan converter does not have a  9 pin RGB connection but a 15 pin

      Is there anyone in the Commodore community selling anything  that will
accept the Commodore 128D  9 pin RGB output to be connected to a 15 pin SVGA

      Any help provided will be appreciated.

      William Ramirez from NY.
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