Re: 1571 psu

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-08-09 23:19:33

Martijn van Buul wrote:
> wrote:
> > I'm working on an USA 1571 that I want to run here in Europe. I
> > have to modify the power supply of the 1571 to 220 V.
> >
> > The psu seems to be of the switching kind. What is the best tactic
> > to change the thing?

That depends, mainly how it is layed out. Some switchers that are made
for the international market have a simple option to change voltages,
there's a jumper somewhere near the *two* primary filter capacitors.
With that jumper, you can select if the capacitors are used in parallel
or serial, and therefore you select if they double the 110V input
voltage or not. If the circuit is layed out to run off 110V directly,
you have pretty bad luck, you'd end up changing most of the primary

> A *switching* PS!? That's odd. All 1571's I've seen have linear power
> supplies, with 7805's and 7812's regulating the supplies. Converting
> these beasts only requires to swap the transformer with a 220V version
> instead of a 125V one.
> Unless I'm completely mistaken, ofcourse. Happens all-to-often lately :(

Okay, so here's the next time :-) You're right that over here most
1571's have the linear supply, but there are a few 230V versions with
the switcher around. I somehow think it is the ones that are made in
Japan, and therefore the early versions, and that the later ones, made
in Germany, have the linear supply. I'm lucky enough to have two
switcher versions, because the linear supply had the disadvantage of
causing interference on my monitor! I found one of them in the trash,
and the other one cost me five swiss franks on a flea market :-) 

Anyway, it seems in the US only switchers were used. And according to
Chris Link switchers are not that rare over here as I thought. He even
claims he only has switchers. Must be a lucky guy...

Hmmm, I wonder what type of supply my Amiga 1020 drive has, these beasts
only exist in 110V versions, and I have to operate it with a
transformer. Hmm, completely different, only half the size of a 1571


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