Re: Plus/4 in a PC case?

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-08-04 09:38:32

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Jason Petersen wrote:

>    (I didn't do this; have not needed the TOD clock. Have yet to find
>    software that uses it!!)

GEOS and perhaps the game "Donald Duck's playground". :-)

> 3. This is only needed for certain EEPROM burners AFAIK (If needed, you
> could 
>    use a Zener diode to get 9VDC here, which should work fine)

Also perhaps for some RS-232 adapters, but you can build one easily from
a Maxim chip (MAX232 or bigger) that converts +5 volts DC to -10V and +10V
with the help of some external capacitors.

> 4. I have no workaround for this. I think, if you're building a tower
> c64 who needs a stinkin' Datasette! (I know; certain people would argue
> with this ;)

Recently, I looked at the datassette circuit, since I'm developing an
RS-232 adapter for the datassette port.  As far as I remember, the 9-volt
supply for the cassette motor output is unregulated (meaning that it can
be higher than 9 volts). Perhaps you could wire the 12 volts there
directly.  I don't know if the zener diode(s) in the cassette motor driver
circuit could take 12 volts without emitting smoke.

> Your space requirements will depend on the case, of course. But no
> matter what, plan on doing plenty of soldering! :)

Last year I noticed that someone built a hand-held Atari VCS 2600.  He had
sawed the circuit board to at least 2 pieces and connected the pieces by
soldering.  I'm not sure, but perhaps one tower hack I saw on the net used
a similar approach: bending a C64 mainboard to a 90-degree angle by sawing
and soldering.


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