RE: Update on my projects
Date: 2001-08-01 03:58:50

>> BTW: 72pin SIMMS may be cheaper, but their RAM is 32/36 bits wide and
>> 1/4 useful without a multiplexer!
>> - Nick
>but they're (generally) in array of four bytes, is there some good
>reason you couldn't mux them the way you would any other memory
>ie, tie the 32 bits to an 8 bit bus and mux with the chip selects.
>(/RAS, /CAS)

No real reason other than chip count.... the more chips a project has the
less likely it will appeal to the masses unless it is supplied with a custom
PCB to avoid wiring problems.

>I think it would be easier to find 16MB as 72 pin than it would
>as 30 pin.

Agree, I've never sighted one. Highest I've got is 4MB.



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