RE: PCB proto type boards(RE: Hardware projects)

From: Ray Bryan (
Date: 2001-07-27 22:02:59

I have 20 prototype boards for Commodore expansion port.  If anyone
is interested make me an offer.  These are double sided with plated
through holes in rows and spacing for dip like 4164 (RAM) or 2532
 (ROM/EProm) size spacing. 


On Fri, Jul 27, 2001, at 03:51 PM, wrote:

> >A related note: there's a cheap PCB manufacturing shop in Bulgaria,
> >reachable via or They
> >should be able to manufacture two-sided boards at 200 micrometer
> >resolution (0.2 mm line widths and gaps), directly from Eagle files.  The
> >light edition of Eagle is free for non-profit use, and it is available 
> >notonly for Windows, but also for Linux, from 
> >Cadsoft's home page.
> Hi Marko, 
> Have you approached these guys for pricing on a generic prototyping board
> for the C64/128 expansion port.  I'm thinking something with a double sided
> connector, 1 or two EPROM pads and a generic area for mounting
> every/any-thing else. Overall board size say 150mm long.
> Whilst CBM-hackers was down I approached a supplier in Australia, but
> though
> we thrashed out a design, I haven't heard back any pricing. I was assuming
> 100boards which would hopefully drop the price down and could be
> distributed
> amongst interested parties?

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