1571 problems

From: Professor Dredd (profdredd_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2001-07-27 09:41:29

--- somebody wrote:
> >> 1571s used a leaf spring suspension for the upper
> read/write head that
> >> will tear and thus not put proper tension on the
> disk to read.  
> >> Especially this happened when the drives were
> left open (spring up) no
> >> disk in the drive!

The problem I'm having in my internal 1571 right now
appears to be an intermittent electronics failure. I
don't know the true cause and I'm trying to find out
if its related to heat build up. Just a guess, but it
might be thermal creep or something insidious like

After power-up reading the error channel yeilds a
trashed status message with garbage characters.
"DIRECTORY" gives a trashed listing as well. Seems to
happen mostly in C-128 mode so *might* be related to
burst protocol (something I don't know much about.) So
far I don't see any problems in C-64 mode.

Does the 128D depend on the cartridge port to be open
for proper air circulation? I wouldn't think so, but
with my SuperCPU the port is plenty blocked. Anyway,
the system fan is running fine so heat build-up be

I never had this kind of problem with my external
1571. Last time I saw this kind of problem on a 1541
it was due to a failed voltage regulator.

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