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Date: 2001-07-26 06:33:11


--- wrote:
> Compared to my non-CBM machines, the Commodores seem
> to be very poor when it
> comes to longevity. Most I assume are RAM failures

I can agree with that to some extent. But considering
the cost difference between Commodore and its
competitors, many people could afford to buy an extra
as a backup unit. Remember the old "classroom"
magazine ads comparing the cost/features of a C-128 to
an Apple IIc? It was *not* exaggerated.

> due to dickie power
> supply regulation....

Absolutely. If it wasn't the C-64's black brick, then
it was the regulators failing in the 1541. Sadly,
these components seem to take chips out with them, or
leave them in a weakened, semi-functional state. Most
common murder/suicides I've witnessed are VICs (okay,
I killed some of them myself ;) and 652x.
> Disk drives fair better with most types having a
> working status of better
> than 90%, except for alignment, the next biggest
> problem is ROM failure.

Maybe I'm just lucky but *true* alignment problems
have been pretty rare in the drives I've accumulated.
A few of the older ones act a bit suspicious
occasionally but not in ways I might ascribe to

Honestly I've had more reliability problems on my
1571s than 1541s. I have a feeling that the hub grip
on the 1571 is not as good as on the 1541. Perhaps the
belts slip or wear prematurely. The internal 1571 in
my 128D just recently developed some intermittent
electronic failure but I haven't pinned it down.

A rough list of my collection:
2 64c's (slimline)
3 C-128s
2 C-128Ds
About 10-15 breadboxes
1 SX-64
1 VIC-20

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