RE: CBM Game Cartridge Configuration
Date: 2001-07-25 11:05:56

>> When configured for games running in Ultimax mode, the /IO2 line is often
>> found to be connected to the EXROM line. I can only decipher this to mean

>So, I'd guess that such a configuration maps the external ROM at
>$9f00-$9fff to $df00-$dfff in the I/O area.

Ok, thanks Marko, but I assume the program is trying to do something like

sta $DFFF (this activates /IO2 and in turn pulls EXROM low)
jmp $8xxx (run code from ROM)

The FastLoad Cart uses a capacitor ensure that the EXROM signal stays low
for the 3us between the store and jump. Is this not necessary due to some
"internal" or circuit delay?


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