Re: VIC-20 RS-232 ROM Routines (was: VIC-1011A)

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-06-01 09:29:59

Professor Dredd <> wrote:

> The bug means that "Data Set Ready" will ALWAYS be true when using 
> the VIC KERNAL. "Clear To Send" also doesn't work and the VIC 
> Programmer's Reference Guide implies as much (so I understand).

So, the obvious question from a stupid luser like me will be: do
these bug(s) prevent proper communication, or was it known early
and programmers would waste a few bytes on copying the routines
to RAM and patch them if needed?

Of course the bugs had to be fixed in the 64, since it uses CIA
instead of VIA, and that is located at a different place in the
memory map..

/Anders Carlsson
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