Re: VIC-20 RS-232 ROM Routines (was: VIC-1011A)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-05-30 10:45:43

On Wed, 30 May 2001, Carlsson, Anders wrote:

> Ok. Here it is. The source is "VIC= News no. 2/3, first year (1982)", a
> Swedish magazine founded by a VIC user group. Later it was renamed to
> "VIC= Rapport" and more or less officially adopted by Handic as the
> leading Swedish Commodore magazine until it disappeared in 1985 or so.

According to the document "kernal.differences" I've composed on funet, the
areas that were listed in the article are the same in both PAL and NTSC

>    F512  LDA $9120	?? should be $9110

This bug exists in 901486-06 and 901486-07.

>    EFF4  BIT $9120	?? should be $9110


>    FE60  LDA #0		??
>    FE62	 STA $0297	??

Also this bug exists in both ROM versions.  This seems to have been
corrected on the C64 (already in 901227-01):

FE0D AD 97 02   LDA $0297
FE10 48         PHA
FE11 A9 00      LDA #$0
FE13 8D 97 02   STA $0297
FE16 68         PLA
FE17 60         RTS

>    If I am correct, can get new ROMs? I still have a valid warranty. 

The BASIC is based on Microsoft code.  Can you get a free Windows upgrade
if you find a bug in it? :-)

> So, here we have a few dumps from the KERNEL, and I just compared with
> the files submitted with VICE to find they're identical. The next
> question is whether Per-Olof was right. I don't know what the X-line
> interface is, and which VIA or whatever it is connected to. Does
> anyone want to investigate?

Could he be referring to one of the CCITT series X Recommendations?  Like
X.21 or some X.25 packet network terminal?  I don't know that stuff, so
I'm just guessing.

> Hmm. Quite a long mail. Let's hope somebody was interested.

I hope so too; it'd be interesting to see a confirmation of the two first
mentioned bugs.


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