Re: VIC-1011A (fwd)

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-05-28 13:10:00


I also own a 1011A device (or if it is 1011 only - mine is the one of
"current loop" type; not "terminal type" or what the other is called).

I don't have any documentation with it, but Sune Windisch wrote some
examples on applications in what might be his most useful book on the
VIC-20, "Tekniska applikationer på VIC". Of course, it's in Swedish
and can be found on iDOC= (with the author's permission), either for 
download or online reading:

The same book also reveals how VIC-REL was not a cartridge, but a user port
device, in case any doubt existed. However, I believe it was delivered with
some easy-to-use software (instead of POKEing the CIA registers), but I'm
not certain if that unknown software was delivered on a ROM cartridge or a

/Anders Carlsson
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