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Date: 2001-05-28 10:31:10

I will just repost this old message of mine, it contains a lot of information
about C64 motherboards. If I counted correctly, there are 8 different major
versions, though not all of them have their own name and assembly number
(like that strange original PAL board and the C64E without the 2114 chip).
I'll add the 250469 rev.A into the text, I discovered that one after I wrote
that text.


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Subject: Re: Device list: VIC-20
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:32:55 +0100
From: Nicolas Welte <>

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> > I made a list of board
> > names and assembly numbers for the C64 and the 128 once, I think I can
> > add the two VIC-20 as well (I should have both of them) and post the
> > list again.
> Please do. Could you include some recognisable features?

Hallo Ruud,

here is a list I compiled for an article I wrote for GO64 magazine. Since it
was about PAL/NTSC conversions, some information about which VIC-II is used
and where it is is included. I'll add some other features as well. The VIC-20
is still missing, I have to open up my old NTSC machine first. 

Rechnertyp|PCB-ASSY|VIC-II|Trimmer|VIC-II PAL|Jumper PAL|VIC-II NTSC|Jumper 
          |        |Platz |Platz  |Typ-Nr.   |          |Typ-Nr.    |NTSC
C64       |326298  |U19   |R27    |6569      |E1-E2     |6567       |E1-E3

this is the original NTSC machine with 5 pin DIN video port. A similar
looking PAL machine with 8 pin DIN video port exists, but there's no part
number information on the board. Both have a copyright date of 1982 printed
on the board.

C64A      |250407  |U19   |R27    |6569      |E1-E2     |6567       |E1-E3

This is sometimes referred to as the C64CR as well. It still has the
four-chip oscillator circuit and the only difference to the strange PAL board
from above are the component locations and the copyright from 1983.

C64B      |250425  |U19   |CT1    |6569      |J2 zu     |6567       |J2 auf

First board to use one-chip 8701 oscillator. VIC-II is now mounted
horizontally instead of vertically (you know what I mean ;-), some diodes are
patched onto the board to protect the serial port CIA. Copyright 1984.

C64B2     |250441  |U19   |CT1    |6569      |J2 zu     |6567       |J2 auf

The service manual says this is the same as the C64B, except for the diode
fix that is now integrated into the board. Never seen this one in reality.
Copyright probably 1985?

C64B3     |250466  |U19   |CT1    |6569      |J2 zu     |6567       |J2 auf

Same as C64B2, but the eight 4164 DRAMs have been replaced by two 41464
DRAMs. Copyright 1986, has been used in C64Cs mostly. This PCB number
confused me several times already, because the service manual claims it to be
250446. But that is one of the 1541A boards.

C64E      |250469  |U7    |CT1    |8565      |J3 zu     |8562       |J3 auf

This is the completely redesigned small board with HMOS chips and the 64pin
gate array chip. There are two versions: 250469 rev 3, rev 4 and rev A
have the
251715-01 gate array and an 2114 color RAM chip, but 250469 rev B has the
252535-01 and no separate color RAM chip. For simplicity we could refer to
this last version of the C64 as the C64E2, though I never saw it being called
this way in a Commodore document. I think both of them are Copyright 1987.

C128/C128D|310379  |U21   |C20    |8566      |J1 zu     |8564       |J1 auf

This is the original C128 board as found in the C128 and plastic C128D.

C128CR    |250783

got this from the prototype board picture on funet. Probably never released,
it is a board that fits into the 128 and plastic 128D, but uses the slightly
different components from the 128DCR (most noticably VDC 8568 instead of
8563, even if it's labeled 2568 on the prototype).

C128DCR   |250477  |U21   |CT1    |8566      |J1 zu     |8564       |J1 auf

This is the board from the metal C128D with integrated drive electronics.


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