RE: cbm/pet files uploaded

From: ken ross (
Date: 2001-05-27 12:31:43

>Newbie do I get these files onto a 8250 floppy for the PET to
>I also have a 4040 if that helps.
>All I have is a PC to do any transfers.

well my friend ,
speaking as a Mac man the first thing i can do is point you towards
and perhaps some else on the mailing list can help with this point ?

how do i get things to & fro?
1a/ i've got a C128D & a 1581 drive along with a copy of big blue reader to
read PC720K disks . (copy onto 1541 disk)
1b/ copy from 4040 to 8250

2a/ amiga 500+ using messyDOS to read PC720K disks ami64link  ( which links
into 1571 serial port )
2b/ SIPOD on the 8000 turns it into IEEE-4888 interface , (8096 user port-
1571 serial port)
so i can copy to/from the amiga direct to the 8250 drive as it then behaves
as a native C64/128 drive  .
2c/ the 1571 is unpowered so it acts as a junction box !

the archives are zipped  so they can be uncommpressed on any platform
except the 8096 :-<
when they're undone they're revealed to be LNX archives .
these can be dissolved on the PC with star commander , C64 /128 with lynx17
by will corley .
on the 8096 you can use my LYNX8017C.GT prg to copy & recreate originals
from 4040 to 8250 .
 my LYNX8017C.GT prg will only work on the 8000 series and can be
downloaded from the same directory as the latest bunch of files .

anymore Q's and i'll do my best to provide the A's


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