SX-64 power usage
Date: 2001-05-25 03:13:46

I had my sx64 conveniently disassembled, and someone on #c-64 asked for
power usage.  I figured, as long as I was measuring, everyone ought to know.

Standard AT power supply
SX64 cpu board
SX64 I/O board

Pulling power from a 5.25" drive connector
cheapo digital ammeter intercepting current flow on appropriate lines.

 +5v is measured at 1.14 amps
+12v is meausred at 157ma

This is measured immediately after power on, and NOT with the crt, nor the
1541. ;)

If I get ambitious tonight, I may go ahead and fire up the sx1541 and
measure it.. but tha'ts not likely to happen ;)


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