Re: Partnumbers

From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2001-05-23 08:35:57

Hi Ruud!

I don't know the ROMs, but

> I also found a 6581R4. The strange thing is that all my other 6581's are
> marked as "6581" only. What do I have here?

Several SID revisions were produced during the years. The first batches
didn't have the 'R1' marking on the chip; later ones (from R2) did. You can
also see two different R1 batches (one from Korea, the other from the
Philippines). The R4 is probably from 1986, Hong Kong. The only later 6581
revision I've seen is the R4 AR, maybe hinting at 'A'dvanced 'R'esonance
(just thinking loud).

All later 8580 SIDs I've seen were from revision 5 (and Hong Kong).

IMHO the R4 batch sounds the best ;-). AFAIK the SidStations were also
equipped with this batch. Its filter sounds very unique, as it gets
saturated from the signal. It sounds very much likely a special analog synth
(...well, since actually, it is :-) ), giving strong, characteristic, warm
filtered sounds.

Best regards,


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