Re: OZ-board

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-05-16 07:19:37

Hallo Ramses

> Isn't there an error in the block diagram? I suspect that the words
> processor version and cardridge version should be swapped. The P0..P6 are
> now linked to the processor and the complete controllbus is now linked to
> the cardridge directly. or am I now completely in error?

IMHO the block diagram is correct, so I only can think you misunderstood
something. What crossed my mind is, this OZ-card is NOT the project called
"PC-card". The "PC-card" is a C64/128 interface to emulate a ISA-bus, the
OZ-card is a PC-interface with several functions:
1) emulating a processor
2) Real time debugge / logic analyser
3) emulating a cartridge

The two blocks, "Processor version" and "Cartridge" (forgot "version"),
represent an OR/OR situation. Either the PC-interface is connected to the
socket of the processor (and replacing it), or it is connected to the
expansion slot.

The text above is not the initial version. I think the confusion rised
because of using the word "PC-card" as name for a project, and the other
time as means to tell this is a card you plug into the slot of a PC.

Groetjes, Ruud

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